Will the Work From Home Trend End?

When the pandemic started, it very quickly became apparent that “work from home” would be here for a while. However, how long will the working from home trend last? That depends on a number of different aspects. For example, a turning point for many Americans will be between burnout, employee productivity, and professionalism.


One of the first instances that will begin to bring employees back to the office is burnout. Burnout will begin to hit employees due to meeting interruptions such as kids screaming, dogs barking, and the need to get chores done. With all of these burdens weighing on your back day in and day out, eventually, employees will begin to desire the office setting for simple peace and quiet.

Employee Productivity

An additional reason for employees to desire an office setting will be employee productivity. While it would be thought that you can get much more done being steps from your desk, it is often the opposite. While you can sometimes be more productive, it is very easy for that productivity to be broken when your meetings are constantly interrupted, and your workflow is often sidetracked.


And finally, an additional reason for employees to seek a corporate office space would be professionalism. With the short 10 step walk from their bed to their desk, it is easy to not look the most professional. And the short term it is easy to say ” I am under the weather so my camera is off” or “My camera isn’t working for some reason”. However, that will not last forever, and eventually, your professionalism will begin to be questioned.

While working from home is not a bad thing, it is simply just not right for everyone. With the ability to simply choose what is the best option for you, many businesses will begin to see major growth with hybrid availability and initiate a partial return to office spaces.