When working in an office building full of other businesses, you may consider making friends with some of your neighbors. What many do not realize, is that there are a number of benefits beyond being friendly to network with them. By simply introducing yourself or leaving behind a business card, you open up yourself to opportunities for you and your business such as business opportunities, personal connections, and industry knowledge.

Networking Business Opportunities

When networking with your neighbors in an office building, you open yourself up to doors that were previously closed. For example, B2B is not uncommon to pop up in office spaces. These B2B companies usually need to market heavily just to inform others of what they offer. However, when working in the same building, marketing is not necessary. Companies seeking these services will be offered the possibilities right in front of them making the process easy for the producer and the consumer.

Personal Connections

Much like how B2B is given the opportunity to network within the building, that same opportunity is available for each individual employee and their personal needs. If an individual is seeking a landscaping company, a roofing contractor, and much more! Given the opportunity to once again skip the marketing for these individuals, companies find themselves saving money on marketing to obtain each of these individual leads, All that was needed was to build personal connections and network within their own office building.

Industry Knowledge

Industry knowledge is an additional benefit to working within an office building. While you and your employees may stay up on news and relevant articles in your field, there are individuals that may have inside knowledge or simply more experience to assist you in your profession, There are often classes and seminars that take place by these industry professionals to help inform the community of their knowledge and experience. Within an office building, you may have access to private sessions, or at a free or reduced price.

With this knowledge, you may consider that while working from home can be more convenient, having an additional office location opens your possibilities as a business owner and in time will pay for itself.