Getting Healthy & Staying Healthy 

Health Tips in the Office and Workplace 

The dreaded sniffle that turns into a sore throat that progresses into a cough and then into a full-out fever with the chills and body aches that everyone hates! It happened! You got sick, you feel miserable and you want to just curl up in bed and not ever get out! Worse yet, you have a family, job, and responsibilities that mount up higher than the Empire State building! You don’t have time, money, or the autonomy at work to be sick. This is a nightmare! 

Too many times this lists the thought processes of Americans as they get sick. They not only have to fight the sickness and the symptoms that come with it, but they also have to fight the urge to want to work while sick and not miss time for fear of losing their job or placement at the workplace. The pressure for American workers to push on and work while they are sick is alarmingly high. According to the report from ‘Robert Half’ in 2019 an outstanding 90% of workers said they had been to work while they were sick. That’s disturbing! 

Statistics show that you will inevitably work around a colleague that is sick at some point in your career. So how do you keep yourself protected and healthy while at the office? What are some of the best strategies and practices to keep yourself from getting sick and having to take time off from your work and family?

What Are Ways To Decrease Your Chances Of Getting Sick While Working In The Office? 

Becoming ill has three main factors; deficiency, malfunction, and exposure. Many times our fast-paced lives leave us little time to have proper meals with the needed nutrition. We also many times abuse our bodies by attacking them with insane amounts of processed sugar. We are usually around others when we work and many times they are either sick, getting over a sickness, or have just been around someone else who was sick. With all of these components mixed together, it is hard to escape the occasional sickness. But we are going to provide some tips to help reduce those chances. 

Ways To Increase Effectiveness Of The Immune System

The best way to prevent illness is to boost and protect your immune system. A great way to protect the immune system is to limit or completely cut out processed and added sugars. As reported in the ‘Scientific American publication in 2018 processed sugar puts white blood cells in a temporary coma. Those white blood cells are essential for the body to fight germs. Eliminating sugar from your diet can have an immediate positive impact on your immune system. 

Ways to boost your immune system are also diet-derived. Eating raw fruits and vegetables and juicing are great ways to be sure that you have the proper amount of vitamins per day. Many Americans have a deficiency in key vitamins and minerals. Avoid the fast food and convenience store rollers and warmers full of processed non-nutritional food and instead, eat a piece of fruit or just simply drink more water. Drinking enough water allows your body to properly eliminate waste. Water is also essential in digestion. For your body to receive the proper nutrients from your food you must be hydrated. So something as simple as drinking more water increases the overall function of your body and immune system. 

Ways To Reduce Exposure 

Many of the world’s leading health organizations agree that frequent hand washing is the best defense against exposure to germs that can create illness. Washing your hands frequently is a great habit to adopt. Hand washing is effective and proven to stop the spread of pathogens that cause illness. Having proper air circulation is another way to help to decrease the likelihood of germs lingering for a long amount of time. Proper circulation and filtration can go a long way in limiting illness in an office space. Progressive remote working and sick leave are also big components to help to keep people from working in the office while sick. These things can significantly help to reduce exposure to pathogens that can cause illness. 

Get Healthy & Stay Healthy

As we’ve demonstrated being healthy and reducing your risk of getting sick is just as much about what you don’t do as it is about what you do. Make a habit to eat healthily, wash your hands frequently, work to avoid processed sugars and processed drinks, and avoid going into the office space to work when you are sick. There are plenty of things to ‘Do’ as well to help to prevent illness. Take a walk often to get in the fresh air and to keep physically active. Eat foods that are high in nutrients and that give you full amounts of vitamins and minerals and get ample amounts of sleep so that your body can recover correctly. 

Stay Healthy Friends!