Take A Deep Breath, Close Your Eyes, Stop & Appreciate Things

Everyone Experiences Stress

Stress consumes us all in different ways and forms. Everyone has felt some sort of stress in their life, and most live with stress as a daily factor in their existence. 

Stress while in the office space is an all too common occurrence. Limiting those stressful situations with clients, co-workers in co-working space environments, bosses and supervisors, and other potential customers is a truly challenging thing to handle in your life. Earning a living can create stress outside of the conventional office building as well, but it also seeps into home offices and home environments. Many people struggle with stress and the negative impacts that stress can bring. 

It is not our focus today to figure out when or if a person experiences stress. It is how a person reacts to stress that is our focus today. What are ways to work through and relive your stress? 

Stress Relief Strategies 

One successful and relatively easy practice is to take a series of deep and intentional breaths. Focusing only on the breathing that is long and controlled: inhale slowly, then slowly in a long and controlled matter, exhale. 

We’ve all heard about breathing and the successful technique. Let’s add another component to the breathing. While breathing if close your eyes and intently think about the things for which you are grateful in your life. Anything that you consider yourself blessed or lucky to have or to be a part of. Thinking about these things that are good in your life will have an immediate effect on your attitude.  

Whether you are in your shared office space or private office space you can take a moment and close your eyes (put on headphones with relaxing sounds or music if there is noise in your office environment) and let yourself zone out from the world for a couple of minutes and just take a break and breathe. While you take a deep controlled breath then think about those things you are grateful for and feel blessed to have in your life. Take a couple of uninterrupted moments doing this at least twice a day in the office or at home. 

 Gratitudes Secret

Mindfully being in an act of showing or feeling gratitude will help to calm and rationalize things in your current world mind-state. Many times a person can change their whole perspective on a situation when they reflect on the things that they are grateful for in their own life. Brining your thoughts to a positive place and not getting caught up and stalled in negative thoughts or feelings is vital to keeping a pleasant attitude. This pleasant attitude is infectious and it can have a positive impact on everyone whom you come into contact with. 

Walk It Out

The wonders that a walk can do for your mood and mental state are truly amazing. Getting your energy out in a healthy way like walking is a wonderful way to safely increase circulation and energy levels. Many times just getting your body physically active can help dramatically when it comes to feeling bogged down, drowsy, and fatigued. A nice walk will also help you to clear your mind while getting much-needed fresh air and sunlight. Take a small break from your office space and step outside for a brief but meaningful walk. Repeat the walk a couple of times a day for the best results. 


The next time you feel overwhelmed with stress. Take a series of deep breaths, take a brief walk and think about specific people or possessions that you are grateful for. Experience your stress levels decrease and your overall happiness increase.