You’ve probably seen all the fancy amenities that Google or other similar workplaces have. Incredible dining options, trees on the roof, sleeping pods and masseurs. Most people probably have dreamt of having these perks in their own open-office but, in reality, most people prefer productivity and focus in their workplace. Oxford Economics ran a study that showed 53% of people say ambient noise reduces their satisfaction and productivity. In addition, executives say minimizing distractions was low on the list of priorities when designing their office.

Open-offices are rapidly seen as the “go-to” design for startups and growing entrepreneurs, but a good design plan is required to make it work. Most times, it doesn’t. It may seem like an attractive option to save costs, but open-office designs can be rampant with distraction, disconnect and disturbance. Executives typically have private offices, so they may have trouble understanding the full extent of the negatives associated with an open-office.


Enterprise Center’s elegant private offices

Even millennials, who most would think thrive in an open-office setting, are more and more poised to adopt the preference of productivity and focus. While perks such as free lunches and office dogs in the workplace are great, ambient noise has led them to find it too annoying to be at their best.

Some people are likely to try to mitigate the noise and distractions through various methods. Listening to music, using headphones, or simply leaving their desks. However, in this situation in can become increasingly difficult to actually collaborate with co-workers because they’re actively trying to avoid those around them. When this happens, the open-office design creates an opposite effect of what it was originally intended to promote.

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