Every business will eventually begin to grow. When you get into this position, you may realize that you will begin to grow literally as well and need to expand. To the point where you will need to consider your options for a new office space. But when do you need to make that move? Does this need to be done immediately? Maybe just sometime down the road? Maybe you should even switch up your office dynamic altogether and begin to introduce a more remote approach. Well, there are a number of signs that you should be on the lookout for to help you get ahead of this growth. This includes uncomfortable working conditions, employees requesting to work from home more often, and even revenue balance.

Uncomfortable Working Conditions

Uncomfortable working conditions would be your primary and most obvious reason to move up in your office space size. This is where your employees will begin to get more uncomfortable on a day-to-day basis and make it obvious that it is time. This can be noticed by people literally tripping over each other and cramming desks side to side.

Employees Working From Home

Many businesses now offer their employees to work from home a fair amount of their workdays. However, have you noticed that there are some employees asking to work from home more often than not? Well, this isn’t because they don’t like you. However, this may be because your office is too crammed or they are working too close to others. While they are at home, they can work in an entire building completely alone. This is a key sign to know when to expand your office.

Revenue Beginning to Expand

When you first start your business you may realize that a large portion of your income is designated to your office rent. however, as you begin to grow, your office rent will become less and less of a financial burden. While this is obviously a great thing, it may mean that you need to reinvest and expand the amount that you are investing into your own office to be sure that you are keeping a healthy balance and not forcing your employees into a smaller work area than they could have.