You may be asking yourself, now that your office is fully decorated for the holidays, when does it need to be gone? Do I have some wiggle room, or does this need to be done before we return for work after the holidays? The short answer is absolutely not!  You have a good amount of wiggle room after the holidays to get your office back in a professional state, however, it may depend on your industry on just how long that will be.

When does my Office Need to be Cleaned Up?

Most industries will be perfectly fine to keep their holiday decorations up through January. This is simply because you are still in the deep of winter and your decoration still matches how many people feel about that time of year! However, there is one small caveat to that. If you work in an industry that will be celebrating another holiday immediately afterward, you may need to clean up a bit faster. For holidays like Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and even as far out as Valentine’s Day, your industry may need to be prepared earlier than others!

Can There Be Any Decorations Left in the Office?

Just because the holiday season is over, does not mean you need to get rid of everything! The best option you could do is to leave winter decorations up for as long as possible! Winter decorations are light-hearted and fun and will help clients and their children feel more welcomed in your office space even after the holiday season is over!