Throughout 2020 and 2021, it has become clear that working-from-home is a new way of life. However, it may not be right for your business even if easily able. However, your employees may be consistent and requesting this ability. Below are some ways to utilize working from home as an asset for your business.

Rewarded Working-From-Home Days

Some companies have begun to utilize working from home as a reward for hard work. Whether the individual makes an amazing presentation for a client or lands a big client, they may be given a number of work from home days as a reward for that behavior. These days would need to be requested so the system does not become abused, but could prove to be a useful tool.

Bad weather

If your company can easily implement working from home, it may be wise to utilize this in the instance of bad weather. For example, it could be in the dead of winter and there is a large blizzard coming. The news suggests everyone stays home due to the high risk on the roads. Your company could request all employees work from home today to avoid the risk of injury. This will be much appreciated as forcing employees to come into work will make them feel underappreciated.


An additional instance would be holidays. Days like Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are two primary holidays that are often ignored and complained about. You can allow your employees to work from home on these days to make it easier to see family and continue workflow, without being upset for being at work so close to an important holiday.

Now that it is seen that companies can implement working from home in multiple ways, the pressures to offer it year-round may begin to fade. There is nothing to feel bad about for not seeing the same return from working-from-home, and with these systems, you can offer both options without compromising your companies efficiency.