When moving into a new office space, you may notice that things seem a bit … plain. However, there are ways for you to tackle this issue by making your office seem more custom. These small differences may be the difference between your office being a dark and depressing “Cookie Cutter” office space.

Custom Wall Art

One way to make your office seem more custom would be to implement wall art throughout your office. This does not need to be just paintings. Your office can be filled with market boards, TV’s, motivational posters and so much more. Put whatever makes you most comfortable in your office, not what is expected. Especially if your industry has become relaxed in recent years, many clients and business partners will love this type of decoration.

Floor Covering

Nothing says boring office space like the boring flooring tiles that are there when you get there. We have all seen them before, the basic design that is on the floor of every office, event center, and school. These are literally some of the cheapest types of flooring designed to be able to replace small sections without replacing everything. An easy way to break the boring that comes with this flooring is a simple rug. It could be several rugs, or just one really large rug to cover the majority of your room. The option is yours!

Custom Furniture

Some office spaces will pre-furnish your office for you. However, the furniture that you are given is oftentimes not the best. It is usually just whatever desk, chair, and cabinet that they could get the largest discount on in large quantities. If this is an office that you will be working in the day in and day out, you do not want to be using that kind of furniture.

You will want the furniture that makes your life easier and makes you the most comfortable. For example, the aerodynamic chair that supports your back to be sure you don’t have backaches after a long day of work. Or a desk that raises and lowers at the click of a button so that you never get too tired of sitting the same way for the entire workday. These aspects make this office yours and you need to utilize every one of them to make your office custom.