Having an office at Enterprise Center of Omaha means that you have a secure, clean, and private location without any of the hassle of worrying about all of the nitty-gritty of owning or renting your own standalone location. Having to worry about things like your kitchen, utilities, printers, and other issues can really eat into your most valuable asset…your time. This can be very important in the health and therapy fields.

One of the biggest areas we have seen a huge uptick in our private office space rentals in Omaha has been in the therapists and health practitioners fields. When you have an office space at Enterprise Center of Omaha, you have a private, safe and secure location for your business to operate without having to worry about anything other than your clients.  This has helped many of Omaha’s finest in the medical field feel right at home here at Enterprise Center of Omaha. From a beautiful and elegant building inside and out to the clean and secure inside your patients and yourself always feel like you are comfortable and safe. Enterprise Center of Omaha has gone above the standards of health in order to make sure our building is above every standard possible with updates like the latest in air filtration from Global Plasma Solutions and daily office and building cleaning.

Massage Therapy

When it comes to being able to give and receive referrals to and from other businesses having an office space at Enterprise Center of Omaha makes it very easy. With an amazingly tight nit networking community within our building, the service you are recommending are normally within walking distance in the building. With monthly networking events being hosted to speaking events in one of our many conference rooms, you will have ample opportunity to meet many new clients and other business owners all within Enterprise Center.

Take a look at our current medical/therapists/health practitioners within the building now

100 – LIVE Hydration Spa (Appointment only)

119 – RenewYOU – massage therapy

126 – A. Howard Wellness (Allergy and Hormone Therapy)

132 – Kristan Kiger LMHP

136 – Empowered Prevention (Personal Training/Health Coaching)

137 – Golden Group Home Health (Home Health Care)

138 – LIVAT Home (Home Health Care)

150 – Care Builders at Home (Home Health Care)

152/153 – Omaha Fertility and Gynecology Clinic

156 – Applewood Chiropractic Clinic

158 – PeaceRme Consulting and Counseling (Mental Health)

167 – Stankus Psychological Services

171 – Passion Flower Massage

172 – Myxxed Emotionz (holistic female wellness)

177 – Apex Psychology – Dr. Emily Campbell

224 – Divine Angels Homecare (Home Health Care)

225 – Devine Counseling and Consulting LLC (LMHP)

232 – Turning the Mind (LMHP)

233 – Lovely D. Taylor LMHP

237 – Moore Hope Counseling (Licensed Social Worker/Counselor)

240 – Tracy’s Heart Life-Saving Services (CPR/First Aid Training)

242 – Heavenly Helpers Homecare (Home Health)

Looking for a new place to either downsize or upgrade your business? Enterprise Center of Omaha is your solution. Give us a call today for a free tour and meet some of our wonderful clients while you are in our building.