When told that every business should have a backup office space, it is assumed that this is to discredit working from home. However, this is simply not true. While having an office space available gives you the ability to work out of your home, it is not needed. You can simply go into the office whenever you want. If you decide that you want to work from home for two weeks straight, you can. Having an office space has several benefits that set aside the original thought of only avoiding working from home.

Backup Office Space for Meetings

The first reason to have an office space is for meetings. While a majority of meetings these days are held online, some business partners insist to meet in person. Working from home can be a big deal. This either means that the meeting will always need to take place at their office, or you will need to constantly rent a conference room at an inflated rate. Having your own office space, you have the choice to either meet in your office or meet in one of your building conference rooms. Keeping your office allows you to keep your options open when this comes into effect.

Business Mailing Address

An additional reason to have a backup office space would be for a mailing address. Many businesses require to have a mailing address for several reasons and a home address will oftentimes not do the trick. Whether it be zoning, delivery times, delivery routes, or pure convenience, it may just not be able to work out. Having your monthly office allows for you to have a “home base” to always have as your business address.

Backup Quiet Place

And finally, one of the main reasons to have an office space would be for a backup work location. Working from home can be amazing on the right day. However, that leaves days when the kids cannot stop screaming, the dogs can’t stop barking, and solicitors won’t stop ringing the doorbell. Having an office location at the ready may be exactly what you need to finish that amazing presentation that needs to be done tomorrow. Allowing for a quiet area to retreat to is essential for your business’s success.