When working in your office whether it be by yourself or with hundreds of others, there is always a comfort that comes with your specific tools that are used every day. These tools include your desk, your office chair, your monitor, and even your coffee cup. There are many reasons that throughout a year or decade that these items are switched out. However, each item was chosen for a specific purpose and reason. Whether that reason is cost, comfort, or convenience. But why would you replace these items?


The primary reason an office space has tools replaced would be for updates. Technology changes every day, and that forces the business world to change with it. With how intertwined the business world is with technology, there is very little option to avoid this change. With software updates, security patches, and even just slow software, it is a strict necessity that businesses update the majority of their technology every 1-3 years. Those who push the limit on updating this technology expose themselves to decreased productivity, high employee turnover, tech support fees, and even downtime.

Office Space Comfort

When given the opportunity to choose your own supplies at your office, there is serious time put into maintaining a high level of office space comfort. Whether this is your chair having specific ergonomic modifications. Or an electric desk that will raise and lower at the click of a button. These are all tools that are relied on for comfort to get you through the better and not-so-great days at work. However, over time these tools will begin to deteriorate and fall apart. Then updates will need to be made. However, if this update is planned for, this can be a very enjoyable experience. With extra money waiting in the company budget. This can be a fun experience to find that new perfect desk or chair that helps your back still feel great even after sitting in it for 8 hours straight.

Updates in the office space, although often feared and frowned upon, are not only necessary but can also be enjoyable. Next time your office is ready for an upgrade, try your best to be prepared financially. This will help make the entire process more of a fun experience.