There can be certain benefits to co-working, such as possible lower costs and potential flexibility, which allow smaller entrepreneurs to start off on the right foot. Although these benefits sometimes exist, there is a time and place for when your business changes. With productivity, privacy and potential being top priorities for businesses, it’s critical you consider your work environment and its effects on your business, and that just might mean switching to a private office.

If you are considering switching to a private office, here are some signs that it’s time to upgrade your business.


Business Growth

When your business grows, so should you. That means the need for more employees, time and space. If your growth has caused you to outgrow your co-working space, it may be time to take that extra revenue and invest in private office spaces. After all, what is business growth if you don’t respect the new needs of your business?


Shared spaces and common rooms were never great areas for privacy. Most businesses have sensitive information or confidential meetings with clients that isn’t meant for anyone to overhear. If this sounds like your business, it may be time to switch to a private office to maintain that privacy for your business and your clients. Your employees will thank you!

A beautiful private office that you can switch to


The more your business grows, and the more employees you have, the more noise and distractions your business will generate. If productivity is becoming a concern and your employees have trouble focusing, it may be due to your work environment. Since productivity is a direct contributor to the success of your business, it’s critical that distractions are minimized wherever possible. 58% of high-performance employees desire quieter, more focused workspaces. A private office can give you the workspace necessary to maintain employee focus and give your business its full potential.

These are just some of the signs that it’s time to switch from a co-working space to a private office. When your business grows, there’s no better place to house your business’ private office spaces than The Enterprise Center. If you’re looking to delve into private office space, look no further than our gorgeous, state-of-the-art facilities. Call us for a free walk-through!