With current events sometimes making business needs more dire than ever, employees and workers need their perks more than ever to sustain their morale. Morale is tough in these trying times, and the need to provide incentives and treats has risen. In fact, the extra ‘gravy’ is needed now more than ever.

Check out these tips for sustaining morale in the workplace.

Sweet treats

It’s time to shatter the myth of “no such thing as a free lunch”. Order in those pizzas and subs, make use of government incentives and feed your employees. The promise of being fed is more likely to reel in the ‘working from home’ crew and get employees through the office doors on a more regular basis. Not to mention, meal sharing in general generates a positive vibe for morale.

Make it fun

You don’t necessarily have to be Google to have games rooms, but employees can ‘earn’ themselves activity treats, whether that’s a spa day, bowling or other fun activities. The best ideas come from your employees, so take a census and see what your team wants as a big boost to their morale. Even so, it’s better to award these fun activities to groups rather than individuals, making the surprise even more worth it.

Sustaining Morale

Time off

Work hard = play hard? At least those who do work hard can travel! This can either be holiday vouchers or it can quite literally just mean the workers get the time off they deserve, with no limit as long as the work required is completed. This can be an incredible boost to morale.

Treat them like adults

Now is the time to allow your employees be responsible for their work, their time and how they choose to use it wisely within the scope of what’s required. As long as the work is completed and targets are met, workers should be allowed to work how and when they choose (with obvious exceptions). Originally this was within an ‘agile’ working model, but still holds true in our current world to sustain morale. A happy workforce is one that isn’t micro-managed but allowed the freedom to deliver in the way that suits them best.