As a small business owner, you know that closing a sale is critical to your growth and success, and many other small business owners wonder if there is something specific they can change to raise their sales and revenue.

Here are a few tips on closing the sales: 

Ask questions. Listen.

Most small business owners will know what questions to ask, how to process the information and enter it into data processing software. However, many small businesses don’t understand how to listen to the answers. Try approaching the questions as if they have already bought your product or service. Try to learn how they will be using it, rather than only why. How will they be paying, instead of if they’d like to buy. Finding out more about your customers is monumental to learning how to sell to them, based on the value you will provide them.

Tell your story visually

A big issue that many small businesses overlook is instead of walls and walls of text explaining value of your product, visuals go a long way to provide better engagement. Instead of paragraphs of text, how about a nice infographic? Instead of a flat image, how about a video showcase? Humans are visual creatures, and for them to purchase a service or product requires trust. Trust comes from that engagement of visuals telling a story of value.

Sales tips

Always over-deliver

‘under-promise, and over-deliver’ is a classic statement that has many applications. In this case, small business owners need to understand when providing a product or service, that “wow” factor is critical for many reasons. Return business, word-of-mouth recommendations, and more. A sale is not a short-term transaction, but making a long-term investment in your customers can provide long-lasting value that will increase your business overall. If you serve your customers, instead of just selling to them, not only will you boost sales and obtain repeat business, but you’ll have more consistency with your sales.