No matter how large or small your target business, promoting a fledgling small business can be quite the undertaking. When a new idea fails to garner immediate interest, many adopt a ‘throw everything at the wall’ approach, which may seem like a great idea in the moment but eventually can make things worse.

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for generating interest in a new business, but there are a number of blunders you should avoid making along the way.

Being Absent From Social Media

Social media plays such a pivotal role in promotional efforts of virtually every business out there, that many still choose to ignore it. Yet, if your business has yet to fully embrace social media – or even maintain a presence on popular social platforms – there’s no better time than right now to get involved.

This also doesn’t mean sharing or regurgitating content haphazardly, this means interacting with your followers on a daily (or at least consistent) basis. If no one on your staff is well-versed in social media promotion, it may be worthwhile to hire out a seasoned web marketing company.


Misusing Resources

Due to lack of forethought, many fledgling enterprises burn through promoting budgets early on. Not only that, but you have to consider your target market. If your business caters primarily to a younger audience, then buying ad spots on TV and radio stations is unlikely to garner much interest.

Before starting a new campaign, it’s important to sit down and consider who you’re trying to reach exactly, and the best ways to connect with them. If your team lacks any dedicated marketing experts, working with third party marketers can help set the stage for future success.

Take The Time To Network

As any seasoned entrepreneur can attest, networking is critical to the success of any business. Thus, it’s astounding how many business owners put no effort into engaging other business leaders and making their presence known in their communities.

Make a point of regularly attending networking events for local businesses and being a presence at places like job fairs. Going to these events with custom swag like t-shirts, pens, etc. can leave a lasting impression.