We all deserve to take some personal time every once in a while. Whether that be a family vacation or just some time to unwind. However, there are steps that need to be taken once your time is confirmed. These steps, although not company policy at every place of business, is a common courtesy to your coworkers to avoid them having to work extra to cover what will not be completed while you are gone.

Work Ahead

Although this seems obvious, it may be more complicated than you would expect. You normally work a full week on your current workload. To prepare for your time off, you will need to increase those hours. Whether you double or triple your work output, it may take much longer than you would expect to get ahead. It would be wise to start more than a month in advance to minimize your number of late nights and overworked weeks.

Vital Information Sheets

You may have responsibilities that your co-workers do not need to worry about. While they have the capabilities of completing these tasks, it is normally your responsibility. It is important to leave a sheet behind detailing how you do the task, any vital login information, and anything else you may think of. While this is something you will most likely have planned ahead and already have done, it is important to note that something can always go wrong, and it would be beneficial if they could follow instructions to correct the issue, rather than reach out to you on your time off. In the event that you are to ever part ways with this position, you would already have instructions set up for your co-workers or predecessor.

Time Off is a Necessity

It is important to always remember that when using your days off, it is not rude of you or out of line. You are given these days because they are a necessity. Every day of your life, the majority of your time is spent at this position. If you do not take time for yourself, your mental health will begin to face the consequences.