Many may think they don’t have time for office organization, however if you really knew how much time that your disorganization costs, you would most likely reconsider. Moving piles, rearranging this or that doesn’t count. In addition, if you clear off your desk, only to go in a drawer, that doesn’t count either. Office organization doesn’t have to take days, as long as you treat it like an ongoing task, rather than a monumental project.

Here are some best tips to help with office organization:


This should always be done first. Unclutter, shred, throw out, empty and donate everything and anything you don’t need or want. Take 20 seconds and look around your office. I bet there are things that you haven’t used it quite awhile. Do you really need it? Perhaps a freshening-up of knickknacks? That fake plant that is covered in dust? Gone.

Everything has a home

If items, files, knickknacks, binders, etc. are not in their respective places, then it’s time to put them in their place. Whether it’s desk, cabinet, shelves, closet or drawers, make sure things are where they should be, as if you’re cleaning your office before a vacation.


Office organization. Clean and professional.

Label, label, label

Get a good but simple label maker. Now take the time to start labeling shelves, bins, drawers, baskets and more. The great benefit here is that it will make the “everything has a home” section easier the next time you have to organize.

Filter your email

This one is tricky, as it depends on your email client. However, I have never seen a better payoff for work organization, especially one that relies heavily on digital communication. You know there are emails that are important, and others that aren’t. Using filters, folder and inbox rules, and other priority and organization tools will help bring you to what some people call “inbox zero”.

So there you have some best practices to get you started on office organization. If you’re looking for a new office to give you that fresh start, take a free tour of our safe, clean and state-of-the-art office spaces!