There are many ideas for employee wellness programs that have become hugely popular over the years, but most of them focus on physical wellness. In order to have overall good health, maintain efficiency and productivity, mental wellness is also critical to employee well-being.

If you’re looking to improve employee mental health, here are five initiatives you can add to your roster of wellness programs.


Sleep Challenge

Getting the required number of hours of sleep for your health is nothing new, however most people focus on its impacts on physical health. While a lack of sleep can cause weakened immune systems, mental health problems such as anxiety and depression are also linked with poor sleep. In order to ensure employees are getting the right amount of sleep, you can make a game of it. Suggest activity trackers to monitor sleep and have someone keep track of the data. For example, the employee who gets the most sleep in a month wins a prize that pushes the rest to try to get more rest.

Birthday Vacation Day

Nothing says employee appreciation like giving them a paid day off on their birthday. Not only will this improve their mental health, but they will be relaxed and ready to focus on work upon their return.

Pet Day

There’s a reason colleges and universities have pet day in common areas where students can spend their time between classes surrounded by furry animals. It not only relieves stress and anxiety, but can give the workplace a positive atmosphere to improve everyone’s mental health.

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Yoga and other forms of meditation are known to promote relaxation and overall wellness. Dedicating some time to practice these can give the employees a nice break they need at work, while improving their overall physical and mental health.


Not only is it good for your business to give back to the community, but having your employees volunteering will feel good while doing it, and knowing they work for a company that cares about their local area.

These are just a few ideas for mental health initiative at your workplace. Time to be creative and come up with your own ideas that are suited and customized to your environment and employees.