No matter where your office is, sometimes size doesn’t matter. You can make any workspace look professional, with some tweaks and perhaps some tech. These days, knowing what to do to make the most of your small office is key to maximizing productivity, keeping your meetings professional and overall contributing to your business’ success. If you’re feeling cramped and in the weeds on what to do with your space, fret not.

Here are some quick tips on how to make a small office look better.


Embrace minimalism

It’s time to break your relationship with clutter. Remove those useless material objects and make space. Anything that encroaches on the eyeline and distract focus should be hidden where possible. If you’re struggling, categorize your belongings before downsizing them into groups. This will allow you to focus on one group at a time and identify if it’s valuable enough to keep in the area.

small office

Get smart with lighting

Levels of natural light are key to making any room feel more vibrant and you feel more energized. If you have a window in your office, angle your desk north, south or wherever is best to avoid glare on your screen or in your eyes. If you don’t have a window, there are many options out there for LED tech that simulates natural feeling light. It always helps out to make a small space feel bigger.

Mirror, mirror

It may seem like a cheap parlor trick, but it actually works. Even placing mirrors opposite a light source to reflect light back gives the illusion of more space. Other ways to use mirrors is to even place mirrors opposite each other to bounce light around. Just make sure there’s no clutter being reflected, else you’ll have the opposite effect.

Try vertical storage

Even if you’re tucked into a corner of a room, this can be extremely handy for a small office. You can build upwards with shelves to allow more storage for paperwork, plants or even larger devices you don’t use often. Wall mounting large devices, pinboards, hooks/horizontal railings are just a few examples you can use for creative storage in a small office.