The daily commute has always been a form of discussion among office workers. But in the world of COVID-19, executives have been asking themselves; how can my employees safely commute to the office? Employees have expressed fear of using public transportation because they aren’t typically conducive to social distancing efforts, especially in major cities. One option that many people have considered, is to bike to work. From physical health, finances to mental health, there are many benefits of biking to work as a commute option. Check out these benefits of a classic way to commute to work.

Changing Your Commute To Biking: The Benefits

It Helps you Stay In Shape

Biking to work is a great way to get some cardio in and stay fit without taking time out of your busy scheduled to go to the gym.

Avoid Crowded Public Transit

Trains, buses and shuttles, although convenient, can get really crowded for a commute. Which, in a COVID-19 world, is not always ideal for putting yourself and others at risk with the sometimes lack of social distancing.

Bike Commute

It’s Economical

Gas isn’t cheap. Neither is parking, typically. Having a car is even most costly, with insurance, maintenance, toll roads and more. Biking to work is one of the most economical way to commute to work, since your expenses are mostly limited to the up-front case of owning a bike.

Avoid Traffic

Who wants to sit around bumper-to-bumper on their commute to work? And then on the way home too? Biking will not only save you money, but a whole lot of time.

You’ll Feel Better

Studies have shown that employees who commute to work via bike to work feel significantly less stress within the first 45 min of work than their driving peers. Generally, exercise is known for its mood-boosting effect and its positive impact on mental health. Biking to work is just a better way to set yourself up for success.

Because of the portability and costs associated with bikes, you’re left more mobile than you would be with a car. Your daily commute is something you and everyone should consider for not only their health, but their long-term success personally and professionally.