Creating the perfect office space is a true art these days. Finding the right balance between the right vibe to fit the culture and productivity are key to creating a great commercial office.

Here are 8 must-haves for the commercial office:

Location, location, location

It’s true for residential and commercial real estate. Depending on your company’s niche, you’ll want to be near the conveniences your ideal employee desires. So a tech hub might be in a downtown space, a salon near a popular shopping center etc. Location is key!

Commute-friendly space

Speaking of location, the ideal commercial office would be a convenient commute. Consider easy access from major roads, and just a few (or one!) turn off a major road.

Natural light

Productivity soars when employees are awake, right? So make sure the space is well-lit. It will boost employee morale and bonus – it’s aesthetically pleasing to decorate with natural light.

Efficient layout

Employees and customers should be able to navigate the space with minimal interruptions or obstacles. Consider stair placement, tight walkways and break room location. Not to mention the right layout for cubicles or a check-out station. An efficient layout can make or break the customer experience and cultural satisfaction.

Informal work areas

Modern commercial office spaces have multiple informal spaces. The ones where employees can casually and comfortably socialize. Whether it’s an over-sized lunch and rec area or a craft-brewing station with leather sofas, informal areas within the office space get lots of attention from employees.

Convenient parking

A big must-have for commercial office is close, convenient parking. Make sure there’s enough of it, too!

Excellent internet and cell service

Today’s commercial office space has to have fast internet and great cellular service. Be sure the building and/or location is equipped to handle the needs of the business.

Room to grow

When the business prospers, office space growth is inevitable. Making sure there’s space to grow into is important when selecting a new space. Whether it’s adding more employees, more storage or a larger selection for customers. Growth is good! Factor it into the commercial office space.

Office spaces can be a challenge to select and design. Keep these must-haves for commercial offices in mind to build a great functioning space that welcomes employees and/or customers.