Trying to figure out the perfect career niche after graduating with a degree in business/finance from the University of Nebraska, Steve began thinking about growing up where he heard the fears people had about health, long-term care and of course taxes. It has gotten so much worse with companies getting away from pensions and making individuals have to rely on themselves with creating income with 401k’s. What drives him most day to day is observing just how few retirees feel fully secure when it comes to retirement.

His first goal when he got into the business back in 1999 was to use his financial background and love of math to create mathematically sound retirement income plans. He quickly discovered that most people have no clue how to be tax efficient with their retirement accounts like 401k’s and IRA’s either. Like what Forrest’s mama said in the movie, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get.” Steve quickly realized that most retirees did have this kind of plan when it came to taxes.

With the heart of a skeptic, Steve set out to uncover ways to both create and preserve wealth in both good and bad markets. Steve was determined to help people avoid the Forrest Gump Financial Plan and the failed strategies like buy and hope (I mean hold), the 4% income withdraw strategy (now down to 2.7% before taxes even) or the Required Minimum Distribution scenario (not tax efficient at all). Luckily his research let to a revolutionary discovery that he calls getting your financial house in order did take care of these things.

He has been recognized in the USA Today as one of “Today’s Trendsetters” as well as in Forbes “Forecasting & Strategies” as he continues to make strides helping retirees and being recognized for it. Steve has also been seen in/on: CNBC, CNN, Fox Business, U.S. News, Bloomberg and Fox News.

One of his favorite sayings is “Don’t let your money run your retirement. Your retirement should run your money. A true believer in the adage that “applied knowledge is power,” he has used getting your financial house in order to discover some interesting truths about people facing their retirement fears.

Steve is president of Retirement Matters here in Omaha and has clients in several states throughout the United States. Steve is a lifelong resident of Nebraska and currently lives in the Blair area. When not working he loves spending time with his wife Kim and daughter Katie as they love spending time and doing all kinds of things together.

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