This is certainly one of the most unique businesses ever to operate at the Enterprise Center.   This is a new business founded by Cassandra Kuhl, APRN, and Felicia Janovich, RN, BSN.

From their website:
Our clients experience many benefits from IV therapy. Hydration promotes better health and will help enhance you immune system, reduce fatigue, and treat many other chronic conditions. When you do get sick it allows your body to better defend itself against viruses to help you recover more quickly. For those with active lifestyles a consistent IV nutrition therapy routine will enhance athletic performance by replacing the vital nutrients lost during exercise.

They offer a range of packages for athletes, for skin health, recovery, and even for hangovers.  They will be opening soon in office #177.  Stop by and say ‘hello.’

Live Hydration Spa is one of our most unique clients. See what other clients we have here at the Enterprise Center. You can also explore our office space solutions to see if we’d be a good fit for you!