Elder Law & Estate Planning of Nebraska, David D. Begley, P.C., L.L.O. specializes in three related areas of law. The Elder Law component is mostly planning for nursing home expenses; either crisis or pre-planning. The Estate Planning area is mostly about transfering your wealth to the next generation in the most cost effective manner. This can mean a will, revocable or irrevocable trust. My third area is the In-Marriage QDRO. I am the only attorney in Nebraska and one of the few in the country that can do this for a happily married couple. This involves transfering money from an ERISA plan of one spouse to usually an IRA for the other spouse. There are many economically beneficial reasons to do this.

Other than my probate work, I charge only fixed fees.

I frequently have workshops in the Enterprise Center building and you are invited to attend at any time. Check my website or email if interested. If you want a private 25 minute presentation the In-Marriage QDRO, just call me at 402-915-0097 or email me at dbegley@lawyer.com.

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