EaseCentral is an IT company based out of San Francisco.  They recently established an Omaha presence, and have been growing ever since.  They just moved into offices 101, 103, and 105, just off the west lobby.  Stop by and say hello to Zach Harris and his growing team.

From the website:

EaseCentral is easy to use software, designed by brokers.

Simple employees benefits system for quoting, enrollment, and management. EaseCentral maps to carrier forms, bringing small group enrollment online. Employees can compare plans side-by-side and use a rules-based system to enroll, ensuring no forms are left incomplete. Employees can access their benefits information 24/7 on the web or mobile app.

Streamlined employee setup and document collection for growing companies.  From offer letters to W-4s, Onboarding saves employers and employees time. Fully integrated with EaseCentral Benefits, Onboarding gives HR managers the ability to completely onboard employees before they start their first day.

World class partners and exclusive integrations to tailor your offering to changing needs.  The EaseCentral Marketplace is full of partners that can help you grow your revenue, increase engagement with your groups, and save you setup and submission time. From General Agent support to carrier EDI, the Marketplace is constantly growing.

Robust payroll integrations with ADP Workforce Now, Paylocity, and TRAXPayroll to cut administrative work.  EaseCentral integrates with top tier payroll providers like ADP Workforce Now, Paylocity, and TRAXPayroll so your clients can sync deduction and demographic information automatically. EaseCentral also has a Payroll API which makes it easy for any payroll provider to receive employee demographic and benefits information.

See the other clients here at the Enterprise Center! You can also see what office space is available for your next dream workplace! Come work with us!