Have you ever wondered why you are so tired after a long day at the office? You have your office set up to be the most ergonomic, comfortable setting possible, but you’re still getting headaches and can’t figure out why? It could be related to the blue light from using your phone or computer all day.

The reason some blue light hurts is purely biological. Sleep is a part of the circadian rhythm, which is the cycle of biological processes that are determined in part by the levels of light and dark exposed to our bodies. When you stare at a screen all day and into the evening, it can affect your sleep and disrupt your body’s natural rhythms. For these reasons, blue light filters are incredibly important. Surprisingly enough, wearing these type of light filtering glasses could help you feel more energized.  

Here are the top three reasons why you should be wearing blue light filters


Eye fatigue

Reduces eye strain by filtering blue light that emits from screens. It is a very harsh form of light which makes your eyes need to focus harder which creates eye strain. When you put a blue blocking lens in front of your eyes it relaxes your eyes and makes it easier for you to focus. This can lead to better productivity, give you more energy, and less need for constant breaks from your screen.

Blue light


Blue light isn’t bad for you, you do need some form of blue light in your daily life. However, natural is better for you than screen related. The more consistent eye strain you have, particularly over a long period of time, will lead to headaches and more.



Not just at the office, but the more you stare at a screen (long nights at the office too!), the more it can affect your sleep cycle, which can lead your body to confuse sleep signals and disrupt your body’s natural rhythm. Insomnia, at worst, is something that can be avoided by reducing your blue light exposure, and wearing filters.

Even if you don’t wear glasses, ask your local optometrist office or optician for where to acquire these specific type of light lenses or filters without a prescription. Especially if you spend most of your workday in front of a screen, your eyes and your body will thank you later.